To start Gnome version:

  • Applications Menu: System Tools > YADSync
  • or from command line:

To start KDE4 version:

  • Applications Menu: System > YADSync
  • or from command line:

When the application starts if it not configured sync/save/restore buttons are grayed.To configure the application just press ‘Preferences’ button.

The application tries to detect of source and destination support and permissions and  user/group information.

If permissions are not supported (on source if you save or on destination if you restore):

  • for directories it will give full access to the user (rwx) and read+explore rights to group and others (rw)
  • for files it will give read+write access to the user (rw, but not execute) and read rights to group and others (r)

If user/group are not supported it will set them to current user/group.