Install on Windows

With a little effort it is possible to install the application on Windows.

Why ? Just to use the same tool to your files on Windows and Linux.

What you need to do is install PyGTK. For more information read

1. InstallĀ gtk+-win32-runtime and libglade-win32

You can download them from:

Install gtk+-win32-runtime first,then unzip libglade-win32 in GTK folder (C:\GTK)

2. Install Python

You can download Python installer from

I recommend 2.5 version since this is the one I tested (

3. Install PyGTK

From you need download and install

  • PyCairo
  • PyGObject
  • PyGTK

4. Install rsync for windows

Actually you need to install cwRsync (

Install it the default location: C:\Program Files\cwRsync

5. Install YADSync

Just decompress YADSync sources somewhere (C:\YADSync)

6. Make a link (windows link) to YADSync\gnome\

Make a link that run C:\YADSync\gnome\ with pythonw.exe in C:\YADSync\gnome folder.

This is it. To run the application just execute this link.

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  1. Jason Says:

    I try to run C:\YADSync\gnome\ with pythonw.exe in C:\YADSync\gnome folder. The execution quitely exit without error, warning, whatever. :)

    How can I make it work?

    Thank you!

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